Hi, I'm Joe Phillips; Illustrator, comic book artist, animator, and writer. 

My career spans professionally over 35 years. I began drawing comics of Speed Racer and painting Interview with the Vampire. I have worked for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Wildstorm, and IDW comics on nearly every major character. I’ve created hundreds of trading cards for Marvel Masterpiece and DC comics along with game companies.

I created my independent comic The Heretic as well as my signature Joe Boys for calendars and coffee table picture books.
Some of my career highlights include national campaigns for Bud Light and illustrating the 3rd edition of The Joy of Gay Sex for Random House.

My work has been used for product trading and advertisements as well as book covers for novels and magazine both domestic and worldwide.
I have also created my new brand of Pagan inspired prints and tee shirts called The Witch Boys.

Artistically I enjoy many different styles, techniques and genres. I enjoy the challenges of creating wha the different project calls for more than putting my style to it. I am equally at home with realism to wild cartoon designs.

Currently I have a new release of my very own tarot deck called The Divine Diversity deck. Specializing in representing racial and sexual diversity in most typical tarot decks.

My current projects include a new novel entitled Spellbreaker and my take on Snow White a horror tale in graphic novel form.

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Divine Diversity 2

Tarot card desk project on Kickstarter.

The Divine Diversity 2 Tarot Deck. This large deck focuses on inclusivity, in race, body size, sexuality and other aspects that I’m still discovering in myself and others. I wanted this deck of cards to be easily understood, feel familiar, yet remain fresh, as it reinterprets concepts that fit current understanding and iconography. An 80 card deck at a convenient handy size for daily use.

Wonderful World of The Witch Boys.

Individual Prints, bundles, and commissioned drawings.

The Witch Boys are a collective of male witches of all ages, ethnicities, and sexualities. They are centered on laughter, joy, and magic above all. Their magic is broad like their hearts. Each brings happiness to their chosen form. Some are loners, others prefer the comfort of a coven. Some love to teach, others to discover new magic alone. All love to help each other. Let their magic become yours!


T-Shirts, totes, mugs, and other novelties

Want to take my art out of the book, or off the wall, and wear it? This shop has you covered. Literally. There are wearables, magnets, stickers, and other items that let you add my art to your every day.  


Need some fantastic artwork for your next project? Send me a message, and let's see if we can make some creative magic.

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